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Rental properties in and near Rotterdam

Rental properties in and near Rotterdam

Rental properties Rotterdam - Ben Housing

Finding rental properties in Rotterdam is one thing. Finding rental properties Rotterdam residents would want to live in is another matter entirely. Keep this in mind if you are an expat looking to move to this city. There are many ways to pick a spot to live and, unfortunately, if you are just going to rush through the selection process, the chances of you picking a choice you would come to regret later on goes up tremendously.

Find rental properties that Rotterdam residents would prize

As the old saying goes, when it comes to real estate, it all boils down to 'location, location, location.' The type of rental properties Rotterdam residents would consider if they were in expats' shoes are located near the central business districts of this city like Rotterdam Brainpark and Bedrijventerrein Prinsenland. Always keep this in mind. You want to live near the centre of all the business action. We have several rental options like:

  • Apartments
  • Expat housing
  • Expat apartments
  • Home for rent

Rental properties include local districts with lots of ambiance

Besides being in the middle of local businesses, you'd also want rental properties Rotterdam citizens would pick for local vibe. These are located in districts with their distinct charms and local appeal like Barendrecht.

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