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Furnished house in Rotterdam

Furnished house Rotterdam - Ben Housing

If you are going to be staying in Rotterdam for quite a while and you want your stay to be both comfortable and memorial, you need to find the type of furnished house Rotterdam residents themselves would seek out. Any other way of searching for accommodation might lead to less than satisfactory results. After all, you're not looking for 'tourist' accommodation but would like an abode that truly reflects 'The Rotterdam experience'.

Find a furnished house in Rotterdam

Rotterdam residents would want to live in a house that is close to central business areas like Bedrijventerrein Prinsenland and Kop van Zuid. These are the local centers of action in Rotterdam. Whatever services and products you may be looking for would be conveniently located at central business districts. Consider this when looking for a furnished house in Rotterdam.

Don't forget local color 

While business activity is crucial, make sure your home is also located near great local points of interest like Rotterdam city centre shopping area, Rotterdam Alexandrium or Stadhuisplein area. Local city dwellers factor these places in picking the furnished house Rotterdam residents would want.

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